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[fanfic] Love For a Vampire part 15(JxInoran)

Title: Love For a Vampire
Author: Mizuki
Beta: randomshitplz
Pairings: JxIno, hint of SugizoxRyuichi
Rating: PG-15, yes no sex here!
Genre: AU
Summary: J has a crush on one of his co-workers in the Flower Shop…
Prologue, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14

PS: this story is based on the outline of an original fiction about female vampires and their preys (link), I never write that story down, but the plot reflects upon my thoughts on love relationship, so I wrote it down as a fanfic instead. Plus the vampires in the story are rather humanlike, okay? XD
PSS: part of the scenes from this chapter is inspired by a 1995 indie vampire movie The Addiction

Part 15

From time to time J found himself plagued by frighteningly vivid flashes of image, haunting him even in his waking hours. In those brief moments when he was caught by illusion with strangely realistic images filling before his vision, cutting him off with the rest of real world. In those brief moments J was unable to move as scenes of non-existent vision sucked him in, in those visions he was once again seeing the figure of the missing brown head as though the latter was really right there before him, close enough to reach.

Always in those visions he always seemed to be surrounded by the deepest shades of the night, in one of the nameless streets in the city. He always saw the slim figure of Inoran, whom always had his back toward him; walking slowly away from him toward some unknown direction without a backward glance.

For many times J did reach out his hands in vain, trying to grip the person before him---he knew so sure that the brown haired figure before him was Inoran even though he could not see his face, did anything he could to keep the man from leaving, but he could not. Every time he did reach out, or try to cry out to catch the other man’s attention, his vision would just go entirely black for a second before it disappeared immediately. And when he was able to focus again, everything would just go back to normal again, and J found himself once again fall back into real world, surrounded by ordinary scenes of everyday life, and Inoran was in fact nowhere in sight.

Things had become so confusing that sometime J had to wonder whether the existence of Inoran was nothing but a delusion he had created out of daydreams. But luckily his conversation with Ryuichi from the previous time told him the otherwise, so did the half-healed twin wounds at the side of his neck which were still aching slightly.

Deeply troubled by those strange images he had kept seeing, J had asked Ryuichi for advice since the former had no idea what those dreams meant. After hearing J’s description of the images he had seen, the raven head explained again most likely the delusions were brought in by Inoran, due to the fact that they were still mentally bond together after their exchange of blood. And Ryuichi could only guessed that since Inoran was the one whom brought him such visions, then the only one who could send them away would be him as well.

Even up to this point, Ino was still remained missing, despite Sugi and Ryuichi had used all of their connections to search for their lost friend, still no one, neither mortal nor blood drinker, had seen the brown head even since the night of J’s fatal encounter with him. Sugi had long finished checking every spots in the city, where he used to haunt with his own lover and Ino together at night, but could not find a soul who had seen Ino at all. The only comfort for the pink haired man was that after talking with so many people, he had never heard of any news about Ino being in danger or being found dead, which meant at least the missing brown head hadn’t done anything stupid to himself, and he was still out of harm’s way.

Half out of desperation, Sugizo started to drag J with him to his fruitless search, then the two would spent hours driving around the city rather randomly in hope for some tiniest clue. Sugi had insisted upon this because by now they really was out of resolve and clue and location to detect. The pink haired man actually hoped that since J was still emotionally connected with Ino, then the blond might, by some miracle, managed to sense something that he had failed to detect. Even though J didn’t believe he could pick up any hint of Ino’s where about out of sheer luck when even a blood drinker like Sugi had already failed to do so, still night after night he went out with Sugizo without complain, and sometime Ryuichi would join them during his free nights.

J recalled hearing someone said that you never knew how big the world actually was before you lost a loved one and was forced to search for him in this wide world. Now he could understand a little better what this old saying meant, the blond never realized how big the city he had been living in for years actually was until he started to search in vain for the one person he cared about.

Tonight they were out again driving along the night road, but this time it was different. This time they at least had a slightly clearer idea of what they were heading toward to.

Sitting at the backseat of Sugi’s bright red spot car, J rested his head heavily at the backrest of his seat; he felt strangely exhausted even since he had the weirdest of vision at dusk:

This time he saw the blurry figure of Ino walking through the rain alone, toward a shabby building down at the end of a darkened ally, there was a closed front gate at the front of the building, for a long moment Ino just stood there before the gate, staring at it as if he wanted to stare right through the locked gate and saw into what was hidden beyond it. J sensed the uncertainty from the other man, like Ino longed to go inside but on the other hand he dreaded it. But eventually J vaguely saw the other man knocking on the door. Soon he was admitted and the slim brown head slipping smoothly into the blackness that lurked beyond the gate and disappeared. Fading sound of pop music could be heard in the background before the heavy gate was shut once more.

Next the scene shifted into a long corridor within what looked like a crowded nightclub, people walked in and out of his line of vision as he followed Ino deeper into the shades, till the latter stopped before another closed wooden door.

The guard that had led the brown haired man all the way there slowly opened the door for him, and Ino was stepping inside into the room beyond the door. J wanted to call out to him to make him stop but he never got to do this.

The images before his eyes shifted rapidly once again, this time he found himself within a circular room, the classy looking room was filled with various pieces of antique furniture and classy ornaments with an Oriental tone and it was lit hazily by a chandelier made of countless pieces of dazzling crystals.

In the haze of the fading vision J could see a gorgeous man with long deep blond hair around thirty sat lazily on a red velvet sofa in the middle of the circular room, surrounded by a group of pretty young men and women. There was something predatory yet gracefully catlike when that mysterious man looked up and stared right at Ino, his finely-shaped lips parted in invitation. J could do nothing but continued to watch on helplessly as Inoran walked to the man willingly.

And the long haired man who dressed in the black suit took hold of Ino’s pale hand and drew him nearer. All was done with such certainty and intimacy that J felt a stab of jealousy went right though his chest. But the jealousy was quickly replaced by dread and shock once the darkly dressed older man smiled widely down at Ino, the tips of his sharp ivory fangs showing just a little as his lips pulled back, revealing what this stranger really was.

Once again J wanted to scream in alarm, or reach his hands out to grip Ino to keep him from this Soon after everything before him started to grow darker and darker with every passing second, until he found himself gazed at nothing but the grayish neon within his darkening living room when he snapped his eyes open, waking with a start. It seemed he had managed to fell asleep on his couch without realizing it.

The next thing he did after that was to grip his cell phone and called for Sugizo, after informing the latter what he had just seen in his last vision, he, Sugi and Ryuichi were driving off into the city in less than half an hour time.


In the innermost quarter of Yoshiki’s lair, Ino laid motionless upon the older man’s four-poster bed, the surface of the bed covered with soft dark silk mattress, but Ino could barely felt the touch of silk underneath him, nor did he feel the coldness hovering around the spacey room, chilling his exposed skin. Sensitivity was reduced when you had just lost so much blood.

Right at that moment he could barely feel pass anything aside from the pain.

Half dried blood caked around the twin wounds at the side of his neck in where Yoshiki had left the marks of his bloody kiss. Darkened blood drifted across the wax-pale skin even so slowly, dumb pain lacing at the edge of his fading consciousness as he writhed weakly among the mattress, unable to manage bigger movement such as raising his own hand from the bed any longer; his chest rose and fell heavily with every painful breath he struggled to take. Ino know he did not have long to hold onto his consciousness, numbness had been seeping through his limbs like a flow of icy liquefied poison, leaving a dull ache at its wake. His eyes still managed to stay open but there was no light reflecting upon them, unable to focus as Ino glanced blankly at the black-colored ceiling above him.

Dimly he felt the side of the bed sank as someone sat himself next to him on the bed. The brown haired youth did not need to turn his gaze to know it was Yoshiki returning to him.

Yoshiki had already removed the jacket of his fine suit, now he sat beside Ino wearing his loose silk white shirt, he supported himself with a palm pressed again the mattress. His mass of long deep blond hair falling around his shoulder and chest as he bent down slightly to take a better look upon the younger one, drop of dried blood still clung at the corner of his reddened lips, tainting the front of his loose shirt.

Sensing the older man’s presence, Ino let a moan escape from his lips, struggled to turn his head to face the older vampire.

A barely audible whisper could be heard among the silence that surrounded them both.

“It hurts…”

Yoshiki raised an eyebrow out of amazement. “Yes?”

It hurts, Yoshiki……” Ino’s half-lidded eyes opened a little wider, for a moment they actually seemed to be focus as he spoke to the man next to him. “You never told me it’d hurt like this…”

He did not expect to find losing himself to be one long, maddeningly slow and painful process.

In his mother’s case, Ino had suspected nothing while she withered away little by little, consumed by Yoshiki’s forbidden touch in secret; until her strength slipped away completely, and she eventually submitted herself into an endless, painless dead dream.

The Dream of Death, it was Yoshiki’s specialty. An unnatural kind of slumber that left the lesser vampires deep in a deathlike infinite sleep; it was rumored that the receiver of such ‘blessing’ would fall into unthinkable peacefulness in their infinite unconsciousness. And all Yoshiki asked in exchange from his victims were only their blood and their own life force.

But none of the rumors or what Ino had witnessed with his own eyes ever hinted that the giving of the deadly dream would be…painful.

A smile graced upon Yoshiki’s lips, then he played with Ino’s hair briefly like a parents would pat his beloved child as he replied. “Everything in life hurts in general, my dear.”


The older man went on in a sing-song manner. “To live, to breath, to be with someone else, pain is always there. Even when we cry, laugh, play, love…”

“…Love…?” For reason unknown to him, Ino felt a thin film of tear seeped across his sockets when he heard the word.

“Yes. Love that hurts the most above all things.” The older man spoke in an understanding tone, with a stroke of the tips of his cold smooth fingers, Yoshiki wiped the trace of tear away gently.

“Are you hurting now because of love? Inoue? Is that why---”

Ino only closed his eyes, trying to shake his head in denial but he lacked strength even for this. The dull ache that lurked across his limbs had now been reduced to nearly nothing, maybe it was because he had already became too numb to be aware of pain any longer…..

“You know what, Inoue?” Cradling Ino’s head gently between his palms, Yoshiki continued.” There’s something I had learned through all these years, if you wanted someone, you should go ahead and charm him until he’s wrapped around your pretty finger…”

Ino cut him off with a light whimper. “You…your point being?”

The answer came as a sigh. “Escaping is not the way, if you know what I mean.”

Ino could not hold back his weak chuckles after hearing this, he laughed, bitterly so. “Since when had you become such a teacher, Yoshiki?”

The Yoshiki he once knew when he was younger wasn’t like this. The old Yoshiki was seductive, deadly despite his gentle manner, caring attitude and kind smoothing words he so often used when wooing his preys. It would be easy to believe he really cared about you, it would be even easy for people to actually mistake themselves his beloveds.

But Ino had learned the ugly truth already: Yoshiki loved no one else but himself. That was his basic understanding when it came to this man, his elder and a far more powerful fellow vampire.

Soft beads of laugher echoing off through the room. “You might say that I changed a bit over the years, Inoue.”

“But how would you of all people know about pain---” Ino tried to chuckle again in return, but his own voice sounded weird and anguish instead of mocking like he had intended.

Yoshiki didn’t bother to defend himself, he smiled down at the younger man kindly, though a hint of veiled sadness laced this smile. “If we were to carry on living as what we are, then sooner or latter we all need to learn not to be afraid of the pain, Inoue.”

That was the only truth Yoshiki could offer to a youngling like Ino, but he feared it might already be too late for him……

A single tear seeped silently down the younger man’s cheeks, then the last of his strength faded away and Ino finally drowned himself in sorrow and unconsciousness.

To be continued……

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