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[fanfic] Love For a Vampire part 14(JxInoran)

Title: Love For a Vampire
Author: Mizuki
Beta: randomshitplz
Pairings: JxIno, hint of SugizoxRyuichi
Rating: PG-15, yes no sex here!
Genre: AU
Summary: J has a crush on one of his co-workers in the Flower Shop…
Prologue, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13

PS: this story is based on the outline of an original fiction about female vampires and their preys (link), I never write that story down, but the plot reflects upon my thoughts on love relationship, so I wrote it down as a fanfic instead. Plus the vampires in the story are rather humanlike, okay? XD

Part 14

Cold rain poured heavily down from the night sky, the usually crowded streets in the city were now devoid of passerby. A lone figure walked quickly across the empty street, ignoring the pouring rain he slipped into a dark ally between two buildings. With careful steps he headed toward his destination before he finally reached a locked front gate at the end of the ally.

The brown haired man whose face was half-hidden by the hood of his dark color raincoat, rang the doorbell, he was soon answered by a doorman opening the small window on the gate. The middle age doorman eyed the soared young man impatiently before the latter’s head slowly raised up, exposing his emotionless face to the older man’s view. Recognition dawned upon the doorman almost immediately, then the small window was slipped shut before the heavy gate opened, allowing the entrance of the visitor.

Stepping through the front gate of the unnamed nightclub, Ino was not surprised by the fact that he gained access so soon, in fact he had been partly expecting it. The owner of the club had once promised one thing: if Ino wished to see him, he would be accepted at once without delay.

Despite the heavy rain and the desolate atmosphere from the outside, inside this secret club things were just getting exciting. People chatted and laughed freely with the loud music playing in the background, various dancing figures crowded the dance floor, swinging with the rhythm under the haze of neon. Once entering, a young man, judging by his appearance was an employee, moved toward Ino, helping him out of his soared raincoat and then began guiding him deeper into the club.

Following behind, Ino allowed his thoughts to wander back to the many he knew he was about to meet after so many years. The last time Ino saw the other man was at his own mother’s funeral. He had once sworn never, never to lay eyes upon the other man ever again after all the pain he caused both him and his mother. It had been so long ago and for years afterward, Ino almost believed that he had successfully buried whatever memories he had about older man deep in his mind, to him the man should be a troubled past memory, unable to affect his life any longer.

But now when he was so lost, confused and had nowhere else to go, no one else to turn to, Ino found himself walking straight back toward the other man’s lair, seeking, seeking almost desperately for a shelter to escape from himself.

At the back of his mind, Ino just knew all too well that the man he was seeking now, could never prove him with the sense of security he needed. Wasn’t past experience enough to teach him the lesson? The brown haired youth smiled bitterly at himself as he followed his guide’s lead across the crowded dance floor, down to the corridor and eventually opening the door of a room, where common guests were not allowed to let in.

He moved into the room unhurriedly after his guide opened the door and stepped aside for him. Ino barely noticed the same door slipping shut and locked behind him, once entering the room, his attention focused solely upon the sitting figure in the middle of the darkened, luxurious room.

Beyond the heavy door made of fine wood, there was a spacey room in the shape of a round full circle, right in the middle of the room, beneath a huge ornamental crystal chandelier, placed a huge luxurious sofa made of fine crimson silk, and there sat a gorgeous looking man with mass of deep blond hair drifting all the way down his shoulders, the man seemed to be in the age of early thirty, he was wearing a simple but expensive looking black suit.

He was not alone though, various young men and women were gathering around him like subjects crowding in front of the king’s throne; or worshippers surrendering before the altar of their holy deity. All of those people, either sitting around near the man’s feet or standing behind the huge sofa where he sat. At first glance the group seemed to be engaging in a causal conversation, with the handsome man with mass of curl deep blond hair being the center of focus. Everyone in the room had been listened keenly to what the man had to say, all of them eager to catch the slightest bit of the blond man’s attention. All of them had an identical happy, mindless dreamy look on their faces, like they were trapped in some sort of trance. Light laughter could be heard echoing around them then and now. Ino took a second to scan these people, much to his relief he could sense that all of them were mortals, which meant he had only one member of his race to be worrying about at the moment.

Still he had to be careful when the one he was dealing with was from the same race of his, one who was so much older than him and far more cunning and powerful……

Ino stopped after taking a few steps further into the circled room, not yet ready to walk right into the older man’s reach. The other man was no stranger to him but deep down, the brown head knew that he was not entirely ready. At least right now, he felt far less certain than he had been previously before he stepped into the older man’s territory.

It took a few more seconds for his presence to be acknowledged, the older man raised his head with slow grace as his face turned toward Ino’s direction. Immediately light brown eyes sparkling with a hint of predatory light fixed upon his newly arrived guest across the room, a smile spread across the pair of pale lips.

Inoue,” the blond one greeted him with a delighted tone, straightening himself rather rapidly up from his seat, ignoring the surprised gasps from a few of his ‘worshippers’. “It had been so long!”

With a guarded expression, Ino gave a small nod in response, not exactly trusting himself to speak so soon.

“Come here, would you?” Now standing up fully, the long haired man waved a hand causally inviting the younger one in. Despite his effort, Ino found himself complying. Walking toward the slightly-taller man obediently like a child, like he used to from long time ago.

As he approaching, he saw the older man turned aside and whispered softly to his followers, requesting them to leave. Disappointment flashed through their young faces but all of them nodded and one by one they were leaving. A few had turned back to throw suspicious, unpleasant looks toward Ino’s direction. The brown haired youth did not pay them the slightest attention, he was solely focusing on the gorgeous tall man in front of him.

“Inoue,” The man called to him once more as the latter walked to the center, approaching him. With a fluid movement, he took Ino’s hand into his own, drawing him closer, in a speed that suspired the younger man.

Now the blond one spoke in a nearly loving tone, almost like a kind older brother, just the same way he used to treat Ino when he was younger. “Let’s look at you! All grown up now, so adorable and charming. I almost couldn’t recognize you.”

“You hasn’t changed a bit though, Yoshiki.” It was the most Ino could bring front as a friendly response. Yes, he missed the affection and care from the other vampire badly. But it did not lessen the pain the older man had caused him by letting him fall for him.

And the pain he had caused him by draining his mother’s soul, letting her wither away. Even though the fragile woman had asked for this to be done to her to escape the horrible sorrow of losing her husband—Ino’s late father, who happened to be a mortal man.

If Ino had learned anything from his parents’ tragedy; it was the fact that mortals were doomed to be a weaker race, and they fell prey to sickness and aging far more easily than their kind.

“So what had brought you here, my dear?” Suddenly Yoshiki’s rich voice jolted him back to reality.

Ino shook his head, his eyes downcast as he struggled to think of a way to speak his mind. Finally he looked up, staring right into the older vampire’s pair of smooth brown eyes as he replied.

“I want……what you had bestowed my Mother……” The answer came barely more than a whisper, but the voice was clear and determined, ringing gently around the only two person in the spacey room.

For an instant Yoshiki’s eyes deepened, surprise and puzzlement nearly welled up from those eyes, but he quickly shifted his expression back to his usual mask.

“Why would you want it?” The blond man asked slowly. “Out of all people, I’d thought you would be the last person to want it---”

“It had been so long ago, Yoshiki.” Ino found himself speaking before he could think of what he was saying, in a rapid but strangely flat tone. ”Now I’ve changed my mind.”

Yoshiki did not reply, with his hand still resting atop Ino’s. He looked deeply into the younger man’s eyes as if trying to look right into his soul. Ino did not know whether the older man had found what he was looking for. After a long pause of silence, the blond haired man finally released him.

“Do you know you’re offering me a treat, Inoue?” Now he was turning away to pick up a glass of wine atop a nearby desk. Sipping the wine down by a mouthful, Yoshiki continued, with amusement clear in his vocie. “Such a temptation……to consume you.”

It was both a thrill and a discomfort to have the beautiful man eyeing him in such a dangerous, hungry way. Ino knew he had to think carefully before he gave his final answer to the older man. He swallowed before speaking, believing there was no reason to withdraw now.

“Yes,” He moved closer to Yoshiki, holding his gaze steadily. “I want it.”

He wanted to escape from his troubled thought and the haunting memories of the hideous thing he had down to J. He wanted his mind to be at peace, a compete kind of blissful emptiness that only Yoshiki could give. That was the reason why he came to the older man.

“It seems you had made up your mind…” Yoshiki’s lips curled upward for a smile; this time there was nothing brotherly or warm left as he placed both his hand atop Ino’s slim shoulders, squeezing them with a hidden force beyond his touch.

“ So now, we can begin.”

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