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[fanfic] Love For a Vampire part 12(JxInoran)

Title: Love For a Vampire
Pairings: JxIno, hint of SugizoxRyuichi
Rating: PG-15, yes no sex here!
Genre: AU
Summary: J has a crush on one of his co-workers in the Flower Shop…
Prologue, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

PS: this story is based on the outline of an original fiction about female vampires and their preys (link), I never write that story down, but the plot reflects upon my thoughts on love relationship, so I wrote it down as a fanfic instead. XD

Part 12

J eyed the young doctor thoughtfully as the two walked through the garden outside of the hospital. Truth to be told, he was not sure what kind of person he would be dealing with when it came to Dr. Kawamura; the doctor had been friendly enough toward him all along but it didn’t seem to stop him from hiding the truth--- his ‘explanation’ of J’s supposed illness was a good example for him to remember.

More importantly, J knew that he didn’t have the slightest idea of what Dr. Kawamura really was. All he knew about the doctor was that he was Inoran’s friend and judging from the way he previously spoke of the brown head, Kawamura seemed to know Ino well. But did it mean……?

While he was deep in thoughts, the doctor had increased his speed a little and now he was walking ahead of the taller man, humming softly as he walked. J continued to stare at the other’s back, questions welling up from the bottom of his heart again: was Dr. Kawamura the same like Ino?

Ryuichi stopped when they reached the backyard, where no one else was around to overhear their conversations, then did he turn back to face J again.

Ryuichi was the first one to speak. “We can talk in here, so no one else will hear us. Since you know that everything that will be said here should be just between you and me right, Onose san?”

“Call me ‘J’, everyone call me that.” J requested quietly.

“Then you can call me ‘Ryuichi’.” The doctor smiled a little before continuing. “And do we have a deal here?”

J paused for a second or two, then he nodded. Ryuichi’s grin only seemed to spread. To him it seemed that the taller man was still a bit at loss, so he figured he would better picking up the talking task first.

“So, where should we start now…?” The doctor asked first, though he didn’t really expect J to answer him any time soon.

“Inoran…who is he actually?” Much to Ryuichi’s surprise, J quickly replied, as though he feared that Ryuichi might change his mind as time passed.

Ryuichi’s breath went short at his throat; he didn’t expect J to go straight to the heart of their topic. But he quickly calm down with a reply of his own.

With a light chuckle he spoke again. “But why must you ask? I know you had already guessed it…”

“It’s not enough. I would want to hear it from someone---someone who knows him…”

“I think you have known him already…” Ryuichi answered thoughtfully, leaving J puzzled. Was the doctor avoiding question now?

“It must hurt wasn’t it?” His smile turned into a tricky one. “…When he bite you.”

J made no reply, from the expression on his face and the way he instantly pressed his palm against the side of his neck; Ryuichi could easily tell what was in his mind: the taller man was doubtlessly memorizing his previous encounter with their brown haired friend.

But that was exactly the reaction Ryuichi was hoping for.

“That’s what you want to know right?” The young doctor laughed in a good nature way. ” Want to hear from me that we’re vampires, blood suckers...or whatever that people use to call us.”

“But…why can you…” J’s voice trailed off as he failed to find the correct words to finish his sentence.

Ryuichi looked around himself for a few times before he finally realized what J was trying to ask. He could not help smirking with amusement. “Are you wondering why we can appear in daytime, under the sun?”

J nodded hesitantly, awkwardly in response. Ryuichi’s causal attitude somehow made the blond head feel embarrassed, still in the end curiosity won over.

“Yes, unlike what you might have read from books, sunlight wouldn’t turn us into dust.” Ryuichi went on as though he was only explaining common knowledge. “Nor do crucify, holy water and the other mumble jumble.”

J’s eyes widened. He really, really did not expect the doctor to talk about it so freely. He had expected indifference and denial, but why would the doctor choose this moment to tell tales?

In the next second Ryuichi’s expression shifted from playfulness into a more serious one. “Are you ready to know more about us…?”

This time J managed to find his voice instead of acting dumbfounded and foolish. “Why are you telling me all this?”

Ryuichi paused as if thinking the question over before he finally replied. “Only because I have confidence in my judgment over people, and it seems like I can trust you with our secret---Inoran’s secret in particular.”


According to what Ryuichi had informed him, vampires did exist, but they were hardly like the species that people had always imagined them to be. True that they drank human blood just like the legend had it, but from that point onward, it turned out that most of the horror authors/filmmakers had had it all wrong.

For starters, Ryuichi & co. would not burst into flame when they were exposed to sunlight, nor did they need to sleep inside a coffin during daytime. Even though strong sunlight could greatly weaken their strength and left them with low spirit so most of them avoided going out under the sun without protection (i.e. cap, sunglass, umbrella etc etc.).

Took Ryuichi himself as an example, he had no problem showing up during the day, went to work in the morning according to the requisition of his work, just like any other ordinary person did. While Sugizo, Ryuichi’s own boyfriend, the pink haired guy whom J had seen earlier driving the red spot car, preferred to stay up late at night and slept through most of the day. The difference laid more directly on their choices of career and lifestyle, not their ‘nature’.

By the way, hardly any of them could last a few hundreds or even thousand of years like the legend had suggested, their kinds surely enjoyed a longer lifespan than mortals in general; their process of metabolism was also much, much slower than their human counterpart, but it was quite far from real immortality like some authors might imagine.

Plus not many of their kinds could maintain the luxury of living in a castle during the modern era. Most of their kinds lived in apartments and slept in their own beds at night, had the daily routines which were more or less similar with other general civilians’.

Plus nowadays hardly any of their kinds would go attacking innocent people on the street for blood, instead most of them would find reasonable methods to secure their nutrition, which included finding human donators for their needs. Among blood drinkers, there were decent, law-respecting citizens and also deviants, just like the members of human population. Ryuichi didn’t try to avoid the fact that dangerous, crazy blood drinkers did exist. True that not all them were nice and harmless, but not all of them were psychopaths, neither.

During Ryuichi’s brief introduction of blood drinkers and their natures that had lasted for about 10 to 15 minutes, J felt that his eyes were getting wider and wider due to the shock and surprise within every passing second.

He was told that not only vampires did exist, he was also being forced into acknowledge the fact that his coworker was one of such creatures, plus he had just had an up and personal encounter with the said vampire.

At the end of his brief lecture, Ryuichi stopped and waited for J to come around. He knew it would take a while for J to digest all of the new information.

Still……something didn’t seem to add up. J struggled to figure out what was missing in the picture before realization finally hit him out of the blue.

“Wait…!” He gasped, turning his wandering gaze back focusing on Ryuici’s face. His expression was half shocked and half disbelief. “You…you said your kinds wouldn’t go attacking people, but Ino…he attacked me!”

Ryuichi sighed, somehow he was amused by the fact that it had took so long for J to come up with the major issue.

“Yes, I have to admit he did.” The young doctor calmly stated.

“I know it--” J’s heated voice died down all of a sudden, his face went blank for a second before his mouth dropped open in pure shock as the meaning of Ryuichi’s previous words finally sank in.

“Ohmigod so it was for real…!” the taller man subconsciously put his hand up to cover his mouth. Finally he had his suspicion confirmed that he didn’t have a crazy wet dream bad dream about being attacked by a vampiric creature who happened to be his object of affection coworker.

Ryuichi did his best to suppress his laughers, his facial muscle tensed as he schooled himself into keeping the straight face when speaking. “Yes, what you had experienced in Ino’s was real.”

But soon his tone changed into a much serious, pleading one. “Please understand that I did it to protect Ino, he is a dear friend of mine after all. I’m sorry that I had to lie to you previously. None of us are proud of our actions, especially Ino. Far as I know it was totally out of character for him.”

Despite everything, J found himself agreeing with Ryuichi’s last words, Ino’s sudden outburst during their fateful encounter did feel impulsive and out of character even to him. ‘Cause Ino never seemed like a violent person to him, or an unstable one.

The only explanation J could think of for Ino, was that the brown haired man had been possessed when the incident took place. Deep down he had a feeling that the Inoran he had seen before his very eyes, wasn’t the calm, collected person who was usually in control of his own self. At that fatal night Ino seemed to lose his restrains and became……something else. That was the only excuse he could give Inoran when it came to his bloodcurdling actions.

The thought automatically led to another important question: why would Ino pick him as his victim? What had he ever done to the brown haired man, resulting in him narrowly escaped the fate of becoming the other man’s meal?
So, why him?

J didn’t notice he had uttered his last thought out loud until he heard a reply from Ryuichi:

“Why you?” Ryuichi echoed as if it were a after thought, causing the taller one to look back at him. “My guessing is that, as awkward as it might sound, Ino probably has feelings for you.”

That was how Ryuichi dropped the bomb, and J’s peaceful world of reason and norms was shattered within a heartbeat.

It’s 3 in the morning and I needed to sleep.X__x

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