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[fanfic] Love For a Vampire part 10(JxInoran)

Title: Love For a Vampire
Pairings: JxIno, hint of SugizoxRyuichi
Rating: PG-15, yes no sex here!
Genre: AU
Summary: J has a crush on one of his co-workers in the Flower Shop…
Prologue, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
PS: this story is based on the outline of an original fiction about female vampires and their prey(link), I never write that story down, but the plot reflects upon my thoughts on love relationship, so I wrote it down as a fanfic instead. XD

Within this enigmatic decaying mansion stood in the middle of the strange landscape that was Dreamland, the hide-and-seek between J and the mysterious person he had been trying so hard to chase, went on.

Even though the longer J had been chasing after the person, the more it became difficult for him to understand what he was actually doing. It was just absurd! He didn’t even seem to know that brown haired person’s name. Couldn’t seem to remember what his name was!

Along with the thought there also came the sudden dread and anxiety that seized his heart rapidly, as thought he had just forgotten something important to him and if he couldn’t recall the other man’s name soon, he surely would regret it.

But there was still no sign for the chasing to be coming to an end, pulse much to his fear, his own memory for a moment seemed to be turn perfectly blank, useless.

Sometime J saw movement among the shades that lingering in the corridor, sometime he thought he could sense eyes on him, as if someone was hiding in the corner and secretly glancing at him. however, once he reached to the said corner where he suspected someone was hiding, he always found no one was there.

Eventually his chaotic search led him to yet another staircase, when he went down to the end of the stairs, the space before his view suddenly expanded as he stepping into a place which looked mostly to be a main hall of the abandoned mansion. J found himself pausing as he took in the otherworldly sight before him.

The hall was just as gloomy, lifeless as the rest of the mansion seemed to be, with broken pierces of furniture sprawled among the tainted floor, ruined paintings hanging upon the blackened walls.
What had surprised him the most was the fact that there was a giant oak tree standing in the center of the hall, its ancient, massive trunk was thick as ten or twelve people linking arms together, the mass of tangling boughs taking over most of the room, its leaves and branches spreading out to all directions, seemed to be entwined with the entire building itself.

It didn’t take long for J to notice there was a lone figure standing at under the oak, the side of his body pressing lightly against the thick trunk. But once the latter sensed J’s gaze lingering to him, a look of insecurity flashed through those deep brown eyes, in the next second, the brown haired once turned quickly and hid himself behind the tree.

When J caught sight of the dreadful expression on the other man’s face, he couldn’t help but feeling his heart twisting. Was he the one to put the youth into fleeing like a scared child? Was the latter afraid of him? After all J might only be a strange, frightening man chasing after him for no good reason.

So he struggled to think of something to say to ease the brown haired youth’s fear.
“Don’t be afraid, please. “He carefully took a few steps toward the oak, not wanting to look hurry or harsh with his approaching. ”I’m not going to hurt you.”

However, J saw that the brown haired one was shivering; the frown between those eyebrows also only seemed to deepen. “Why are you here?”

It sounded like the one with warm brown hair meant to hiss at him, but J could still hear the rippling dread beneath the annoyed tone.

“Looking for you.” The reply slipping pass J’s lips even before the thought crossed his own mind, those simple words echoed off into the void around them endlessly. But what he had just uttered fail to surprise him, at this point the realization had dawned upon him, that he was actually here to look for this person, whose name he still couldn’t recall.

This time a shiver shook through the youth’s entire body visibly, as if his answer pained him physically. Much to J’s anxiety, the brown hair figure shifted again, disappearing entirely behind the thick trunk; once again hiding from J’s sight.

Instinctually J wanted to run after him, fearful that the other man would simply flee away jut like he had previously done; but the latter spoke up from behind the ancient oak before J could ever move.

“No!” The rejection was announced firmly, his voice loud this time, even the fragile leaves and branches seemed to be quivering with each syllable he uttered, disturbing the stilled air within the bleak mansion. “I did not ask for you!”

J paused, for the first time since this strange encounter he almost doubted himself, was he doing the right thing? He didn’t want to hurt him……but was he doing exactly this by coming here? By invading into this dark, unsettling dreamy place where no one else had entered?

J closed his eyes to focus, struggling to think of anything helpful, trying his damnedest to just, remember. When he was about to give up something seemed to hit home eventually.

When he reopened his eyes, he fixed his stare at the oak, staring through it as if he could see the hidden figure behind clearly. Then with an unfamiliar sense of newly found confidence, he shouted right back. “No, you did! If you didn’t want to I would not be here at all!”

Nothing but silence answered his outburst. But J was by now pass caring, with quick steps he hurried toward the other man, the latter was still leaning against the thick trunk, hugging himself with his both arms; with his back turning away.

Strangely enough the more he spoke, the more certain he had became. “This is your world, right? I’m here because you’d called for me!”

Now J was only a few steps away from the other one, he was so certain that if he could reach to him this time, everything would be okay, they would no longer be trapped in this gloomy wasteland, there would be a chance for them both to escape---

His hand gripped the brown haired youth by one of the shoulder, with careful force J turned the latter back toward him, so that the other’s face was revealed to him. Still he never expected to see the other’s face to be cover in blood.

J gasped, his grasp unconsciously loosed, when he saw the person before him thunder seemed to stroke him, somehow it was like the spell had finally been broken, he recognized the person who was standing before him all of a sudden.

But it was too late.

Once he realized it, blood was springing from the ground, thick crimson liquid rose up to his waist so abruptly that it seemed to happen in no time. Unnatural, chilling wind now whirled around them, lashing across the branches above their heads, sending dying leaves to fly all around; even the decaying walls was falling slowly apart, with broken pieces of brick sinking into the raging crimson sea. In the middle of chaos J stood there like frozen, he could do nothing but to gaze into those brown orbs, despite his bloodstained face and limbs, when those familiar brown eyes looked back at him, they still looked eerily innocent, frightened and filled with sorrow.

“Go away!”

It was the last thing he had heard before the wind became too harsh and he had to loose his grip, then the person before him, the falling leaves, the quivering ancient tree, the mansion, the stilled landscape……everything just went blank.


J’s mind slowly surfaced back to the state of wakefulness, to him it was a mental journey that shared similarity with floating from a freezing depth of an ocean back to the surface of the sea. So when he came to, the first thing he had ever experienced was the deathlike chill which was dominating his body. Why was it so cold, so dark? Where was he? Why did he feel so unwell all over?

With much difficulty, J managed to open his eyes, the sight that greeted him first was the flat whiteness above him, which he slowly recognized as a ceiling, then he realized he was in some kind of a square room of pure white, the space was bathing under a cold, pale light that typical for a hospital. His guessing was confirmed once a raven haired young man, dressing in the typical white coat for medics, appeared at the corner of his eyes.

J turned his head slightly to get a better look at the newcomer, this time he could see that the other man was indeed a doctor, but what really bothered him was the vague yet strange belief that somehow he had seen this man before.

Oblivious of the whirling thoughts within his patient’s head, the young doctor smiled kindly and said. “Are you feeling better now, Onose san?”

That person looked somewhat familiar, but J couldn’t remember when and where.

“Who are you?” With his eyes still fixed upon the doctor as if trying to figure him out, the patient finally asked, his voice much weaker and fading, than he had expected it to be.

The doctor gave another of his kind smile and replied. “I’m Dr. Kawamura, Ryuichi Kawamura. I would be in charge of you before you recover.”

That smile…….looked familiar too…then it hit him, he recognized the man whom now stood next to his hospital bed, was in fact the same one whom had used to picked up his coworker from of their workplace.

And wait a second! How come he had ended in a hospital?

“What…what’d happened to me?” despite his thirty throat and dry lips, J opened his mouth and asked.

This time Dr. Kawamura’s smile fainted, a frown knotted between his fine eyebrows for a moment before he spoke again. “You don’t remember?”

Speechless, J shook his head.

The young doctor sighed ever so slightly, then said. “Alright, let’s start with how you had came into our care first, okay?”

Another chapter!
I honestly think Ryuichi would look more convincing as a doctor than Sugizo ever does…XD

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