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[fanfic] Love For a Vampire part 9(JxInoran)

Title: Love For a Vampire
Pairings: JxIno, hint of SugizoxRyuichi
Rating: PG-15, yes no sex here!
Genre: AU
Summary: J has a crush on one of his co-workers in the Flower Shop…
Prologue, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
PS: this story is based on the outline of an original fiction about female vampires and their prey(link), I never write that story down, but the plot reflects upon my thoughts on love relationship, so I wrote it down as a fanfic instead. XD

Ryuichi went back to his and Sugizo’s home late at night; when he stepped into the living room he caught sight of his lover sprawling not so very gracefully on the couch. He couldn’t help but smiling a bit at the sight.
Sensing his boyfriend’s approaching, Sugizo straightened himself up into a sitting position.

“You’re late.” The purple haired man commented, wiping his eyes to get rid of the sleepiness.
“Work had taken more time than I expected, ” Finding a place on the couch for himself, Ryuichi sat down beside his boyfriend, sighing slightly before continued. “ And I had gone to check on Ino-chan after work.”

When Ryuichi’s soft voice faded it was followed by a long pause, before Sugizo turned his head toward him and asked thoughtfully. “So…is Ino-chan still okay?”

The other man only gave a light nod before replying in a careful tone. “He’s fine, but I don’ t think he will be his usual self anytime too soon.”

Even since the incident took place, he had asked if Ino wanted to stay with them for a while, but the latter had firmly refused the invitation; though it came hardly as a surprise for Ryuichi. Despite his lay-back attitude deep down Inoran had always been stubborn in his own way even since the pair had met him.

The next second, both of them letting out a sigh nearly at the same time, then Sugizo shrugged, murmuring. “Sometime I don’t understand Ino-chan.”

Ryuichi raised an eyebrow. “You don’t? I think it’s quite understandable that Inoran needs some time and space for himself. No one wants that kind of thing to happen, right? You are simply thinking too much.”

“I know…”The other man bitted his lower lip, giving his lover a worry look. “Still, is there anything more we can do?”

“Not much I afraid.” The answer came almost matter of factly. But Ryuichi’s eyes softened as he saw that his words did nothing to calm the purple head’s nerve. “Sugi, you had been through this yourself. You should know how it’s like……”

Upon hearing the sentence, a sad smile appeared on the usually playful, care-free face; the purple haired man’s voice turned into a barely audible whisper, his tone lacing with sadness that was not characteristic for him. “I know. That’s why I’m worry.”


J struggled to find his way among the dim surrounding that he had found himself in, it seemed he was walking in a gloomy, decayed abandoned mansion of some sort; the only source of light in this darkened building was the moonlight seeping into the corridor through broken window or chinks on the rooftop.

There were many closed doors alongside the corridor which seemed to be endless, when J tried the handles of a few of those said doors, he only found they were locked, leaving him nowhere to escape. Wherever he went he was always alone, there was no trace of another people around, only his lonely footsteps echoing off along this strange corridor within a seemingly empty mansion.
The floor of the corridor wasn’t entirely even, from time and again J found himself walking down or climbing up from staircase through the dimness, sometime he encountered a corner and had to turn his direction; but so far none of these stairs and turns had leaded him somewhere. Before him this strange corridor which made no sense only seemed to spread infinitely.

Any trace of time seemingly ceased to exist as he wandered aimlessly in this strange place, though he did know that he had been walking along the corridor for a considerable long time.
Whenever he passed a portrait hanging on the peeled-off walls he would stop to look at them, hoping to find any clue of where he was J would only see the paintings were blackened or half-ruined, to a point that the figures within those portraits gave out a vague ominous expression that disturbed him greatly. When he tried to look outside of those dusty broken windows, all he could see was the equally gloomy landscape, everything upon this landscape was every still, even the pale moon seemed frozen at her place above the deep black night sky.

He didn’t know why he was here though, despite he had a vague feeling that he was searching for something, but for what? For something? For an escape route or even…for someone? J had no idea at all; he only knew that if he didn’t find whatever he had been looking for, he would still be trapped in here for……J didn’t want to think about it.

So he carried on despite the longer he was trapped, the more he could sense that his search was purposeless, he wouldn’t find what he was looking for there. But he couldn’t change the fact that he was still walking and alertly scanning his surrounding. It was kind of like watching the same movie for too many times that you had already known what would happen next but you were powerless to change a single thing in it.

For a few times he came across some antique mirror among the ruined paintings, he tried to glance into them, only to find there was no reflection of himself across the tainted glass surface.

J felt something cold and numbing seeping through his veins as the realization dawned upon him. He couldn’t see his own reflection! In any other given situation he would have freaked out already but somehow there was only this numb feeling hovered over him. The discovery, shocking that it might be, still ceased to feel real for him.

For most of the time all he could see was in black and white, but sometime colors also appeared in his dream; unsetting, strangely vivid colors of frightening sorts. It was like……

It was kind of like being in a dream.

Dream, the thought slowly sank in, J paused as he continue to stare at one of those antique mirrors before him. That seemed to make sense to think that he was in a dream, otherwise he wouldn’t have felt so distant, and his entire experience wouldn’t have ceased to bear any sense of reality.

Within the next second, J thought that he had captured some movements from the corner of his eyes; he turned immediately only in time to see a door being opened to reveal a slim figure, the person with brown hair walked across the darkened corridor quickly before he opened another door opposite of the one he left behind and disappeared behind the doorframe.

J was frozen at his spot, nearly unable to think; he could barely believe what he had just seen. Someone other than himself had appeared in this strange household. Plus he could almost swear it was someone familiar to him, he knew whom that fleeting person was!

The tiny noise of a wooden door slowly slipped close jolted J’s thought back once more, noticing that the door was about to slip shut he didn’t pause to think before leaping for it, catching the iron handle just in time. He pushed the door open and walked pass it, finding himself entering yet another dark corridor; but this time he managed to catch sight of the mysterious figure again. the latter appeared at the far end of the corridor, walking further and further away without a single backward glance, the pure white shirt he wore seemed to shine among the gloominess of the surrounding.

Out of desperate J opened his mouth in an attempt to call out to the fleeting person before he disappeared into the blackness, but no voice escaped his throat the moment he realized he couldn’t. for the life in him, remembered the person’s name even though he could swear the latter was someone familiar to him.

Soon the corridor was once again empty, even the fading footsteps became barely audible. It was when J eventually found control over his body again, this time he didn’t hesitate to run toward where he had seen the mysterious figure had vanished into, into the blackened heart of this ominous dreamland.

The story is getting long-winded in here!! More will come!^^;;

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